Asphalt Urban GT

Wydawca: Gameloft | Producent: Gameloft | Premiera: 15.11.2004 | PEGI: 3+ | ESRB: Everyone | Gracze: 1-4


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Do you know what rubber burning on hot asphalt smells like? If not, you soon will. The roads of Asphalt: Urban GT™ are wide and long, just waiting to be conquered. All you have to do is drive faster, better and with more guts than anyone else!

Asphalt: Urban GT™ brings the freshest rides to the N-Gage platform. Choose your favourite from a wide variety of real brands and models, including Lamborghini, Audi and Morgan. Customize the appearance and fine-tune the engine, then show your opponents what you’ve got on unique tracks based on actual locations around the world. Compete to earn money, more cars and access to new locations, or just race against your friends with the Bluetooth connection. You can even drive a police car and catch your opponents!

The excellent 3D graphics crafted with Gameloft’s expertise on the N-Gage platform make Asphalt: Urban GT™ a high speed experience unmatched in mobile gaming.

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W grze znajdują się 24 typy grywalnych pojazdów w tym jeden wariant "radiowozu".

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