Puyo Pop

Wydawca: Sega | Producent: Sega | Premiera: 06 października 2003 | PEGI: 3+ | ESRB: Everyone | Gracze: 1-2

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What exactly are puyos? Aside from being cute gobs of goo, they are the stars of the addictive game Puyo Pop from Sega. The classic blob-dropping puzzler is back, now on the hottest new gaming platform – the Nokia N-Gage™ game deck. It's raining puyos, and your job is to line up each one with its matching color. Link four or more of the same puyos together, and watch them disappear as your score increases. Go for big-scoring chains and combos, and foil your opponent’s grouping strategies by dropping nasty Ojama puyos onto his pile. Four frenetic gameplay modes will challenge even the most talented puzzle champ.

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