Xanadu Next

Wydawca: Nihon Falcom Corp. | Producent: ScriptArts Co., Ltd. | Premiera: 20 czerwca 2005 | PEGI: 7+ | ESRB: Teen | Gracze: 1

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Take on one of the most essential role-playing adventures of the year as Xanadu NEXT hits the N-Gage! Created by Falcom – one of the most acclaimed developers of RPG’s – the classic Xanadu franchise brings you a unique blend of action and role-playing game elements.

King Dragon Galsis has risen from the abyss, bringing a dark shadow over the land of Xanadu. The beautiful and lush land suffers as terrifying monsters overtake the earth. To make things even worse, the daughter of the head of the village is abducted. You must take on the role of a young mercenary sent to save her. To complete your mission you must solve the challenging problems, and take down the enemies that stand in your way. You can develop your character to your liking, and learn special magic and fighting skills as you make progress.

The massive game world is viewed from multiple 3rd person angles, and consists of 5 in depth locations that each contain numerous routes and puzzles. With a wide variety of enemies, boss monsters, as well as weapons and other items, Xanadu NEXT delivers nearly 35 hours of challenging RPG action.